Champagne Lucien Leblond

Champagne Lucien Leblond

In Chavot-Courcourt, the heart of the Champagne-Ardennes region, inside the Marne department, You can find the Leblonds property, extended in a nine hectares surface, most of it recognized with the degree of "Premier Cru".
Since four generations the family keeps working at the Lucien Leblonds intent, dedicating attention and passion to the vines that only the "propriétaire-récoltant" can give, applying at each phase of the process of wine-making the same devotion that for decades determined the success of the brand in the french market, identifying it as synonim of high quality.
Respecting the most handcraftly work, and in order to bring to an aware consumption was made the choice of specify the detailed information about the production on the backlabel, starting from the percentage of blend, until the indication of the exact disgorgement of every single bottle.
The most pleasant test, in order to understand the Leblonds tradition is, without doubts, the one, left to the palate, by fully enjoying one of the five different qualities proposed.

Champagne Lucien Leblond is distributed by MF STARS S.r.l.

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